Smoking, Weight Loss, and Lupus.

Smoking, Weight Loss, and Lupus.



In our body spends energy metabolism days. However, our bodies provide it with food. For example, how often and we fed the high-fiber foods the more we run our metabolism. How metabolism works faster if you spend so much energy. Therefore consume foods containing calcium and vitamin D is realized for weight loss energy with oil provides enhanced metabolic rate. Day for at least 3 servings of milk and dairy products that slow weight gain and food consumption made, they can not even proven weight faster.


Eat-fiber foods

You must pay attention to these issues will help you feel satiated for consume-fiber foods. Pear is a fruit with high quantity of pulp. A high percentage of fruit or apple pulp. Even the first one day to consume this fruit makes it easier to lose weight by increasing your feeling of fullness.

Omega-3 ‘ü Do not forget

Foods containing omega-3 is also effective in increasing the feeling of fullness. Especially fish, foods such as fish person holding the full  helps test. Important places are covered in the prevention of many diseases Besides the elimination of our body and formation.

Drink plenty of water

The amount of water we consume in a day is important. Provide more food to be digested in the digestive system can mobilize to ensure the disposal of the body edema and drink at least 2 liters of water a day for joint action to accelerate.

For green tea

Dietitians says will be useful for at least 2 cups of green tea a day. Green tea weight loss is accelerating the substance called catechin. Lemon drinking too much will accelerate to add lemon green tea weight loss will not be positive for blood pressure and stomach problems.

Eat salad before the main course

Add a small amount of fat in your salad and take care to consume before you eat your salad. To enhance intake of red pepper or cayenne pepper. In this way, your metabolism will witness it works very fast, you lose weight, you’ll be surprised at the increased weight difference in between.

Do not exaggerate the dimensions

Meanwhile, all these measures to overdo it, especially given the particular weight given period while applying a very important detail. Your health may cause you to implement more of the dimensions here with enormous problems in terms of meeting. Again, extreme weight loss and weight gain even in the very short time may be a precursor of the new weight problems that may arise in the future. It also creates a large risk in terms of your health.

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